The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Ducted Air Conditioning in Your Home

Ducted and ductless air conditioning are the two primary methods of climate control for your home. For the Ductless ACS, they are of various kinds including Window Air Conditioners, in which the compressor, condenser, and cooling air circulator are all installed as a single system. Split Air Conditioners two units, indoor units that cool and circulates air, as well as an outdoor unit that has a compressor.

Ducted Air ConditioningWhen Should You Go For Ducted Air Conditioning?

Ducted ACs can assist you to enhance the cooling system of the whole house. The primary feature of a ducted air conditioning unit is the heat exchanger that draws cool air and then circulates it from a focal position in your house. Therefore, it can offer you the ultimate cooling solution for your entire home within a few minutes. For example, if you only need one or two rooms cooled, then the best option would be the split air conditioner. However, if you live in a bungalow and want the whole house cooled, you may opt for the ducted air conditioner.

Advantages of Ducted Air Conditioning Units

  • Ducted AC units enhance the aesthetic value of the home.
  • Makes no noise.
  • Most Calm among the air conditioners in the market.

Can They Be Operated With Electricity Or LPG?

They may run by either electricity or LPG giving much flexibility. The ducted ACs may be zoned, in the sense that only a few rooms that need cooling would be cooled. In turn, saves power in the end. Additionally, it may maintain various rooms at varying temperatures. For instance, the baby’s and elderly people’s room temperature can be kept at somewhat higher temperatures than the other rooms. With a bit more investment, similar ACs can be designed to serve as heating systems in very cold areas.

Disadvantages in Ducted Air Conditioning

  • They are very expensive.
  • The installation process is more complex as the system is very complicated.
  • It involves a lot of drilling, therefore takes time.
  • The big outdoor condenser unit has to find a perfect spot away from the living space.
  • The controller board has to be fitted well on the wall.
  • The supply air diffusers need to be fitted onto the ceiling by drilling holes for them.
  • The fan deck and fan coil have to be installed on the rooftop, which involves too much drilling works, making the installation process even more complicated. If there were any issues with the ducted air conditioner, the whole house would be off on air conditioning.
  • Although if one of the split AC is not working, those remaining can still offer some cooling to other rooms, as all are independent of the other.
  • If there were an issue with the ducted AC, the repairing and replacement costs would be very high, unlike the split AC type.
  • However, if you want to install a proper cooling system for the whole house, then ducted air conditioning is the way to go as it can offer a complete cooling system for your huge space, and save your fuel and electricity consumptions.

Pro Tips on How to Clean Central Air Conditioning Condenser Coil

When condenser coils of your central AC units become coated with grime and dirt, its operational costs would increase. Research indicates that simply keeping your condenser coils clean can enhance the efficiency of your central cooling system by 16%. Keeping your AC system clean and maintained is ideally the perfect way of improving its efficiency and saving on your monthly utility bills. It would not only save on your monthly bills by reducing energy consumption but also make your AC unit last longer and run efficiently. Nonetheless, one needs to be vigilant when cleaning air conditioning coils, as improper cleaning can lead to permanent damage of your air conditioning system.

Air Conditioning Condenser CoilWhat You Need To Know About Air Conditioner Condensers

The condenser is maybe the most important component of an air conditioning unit. It accumulates concentrated heat from your indoor surface and directs it to the exterior. As such, too much air movement occurs to get rid of this concentrated heat. For you to undertake this task the condensing unit has to be perfectly clean; an unclean condensing unit would consume more energy to get the job done. As the condensing unit is installed outdoors, it is very simple for grass, dirt and leaves to reach the condensing unit and possibly clog it. If the condensing coil were unclean, the fan in the unit would not be able to push out sufficient air as is required for efficient running and optimum performance. This would not only raise your utility bills but may also reduce the lifespan of your cooling unit.

Before You Clean Condenser Coils

When removing dust, debris, plants, or other objects that may cause harm, ensure you keep the space within three feet of the condenser free of any possible obstructions. Additionally, ensure that the upward pathway of the air from the condenser is not obstructed for a minimum of five feet. In many cases, the condenser coils would be clogged with dust or pollen, even when it is invisible to the eye. If you utilize your AC system for longer periods, it is best to have it cleaned at least once a year. Nonetheless, if you have long summers, it would be a good idea to get your cooling system cleaned more than once in a year.

The Steps Involved In Cleaning a Condenser Coil

The initial and most important thing you need to note before cleaning condenser coils is that you have to turn off the power supply to your AC unit. Next, eliminate of any visible obstructions like grass, leaves, and dirt from the fins with a whiskbroom. Work towards the same direction like the fins so that they are properly cleaned. To ensure that the slots between fins are properly cleaned, remove the grill that shields the coil. You additionally have to wear a mask when undertaking this task. Next, spray coil-cleaning agent into the condenser coil. Allow it five minutes, and wash off with a water spray. Ensure you utilize a gentle spray, as a strong one may cause damage to your aluminum fins. Adjust the fins with a fin comb or screwdriver in case the fins are bent. Work cautiously to prevent any harm to the fins when trying to straighten them.

Upon finishing all these processes, you may turn on the power to your AC unit, enjoy a more efficient, and smooth-running AC unit.

How to Unclog AC Condensate Drain Line

If your AC unit leaks water, it is probably the result of a clogged air conditioner condensate drain line. If not, there may be a crack in your drain pan. Alternatively, a clogged air filter would be making the frozen evaporator coil leaking.

AC Condensate Drain LineInspecting and Cleaning Evaporator Coils

It is easy to tell if your evaporator coil is frozen. Just open up the indoor air handler cabinet and confirm. If you see frozen evaporator coils, unplug the power to your air conditioning unit at the thermostat and switch on your fan settings. Fixing this problem may be as easy as replacing your air filter. After replacing the air filter, wait until the evaporator coil is no longer frozen before you turn the unit back on. If the air filter does not fix the problem, you would have to call an expert to address refrigerant or other issues.

It is also essential to keep your evaporator clean as the condensate that drips would go straight into your condensate drain line and drain pan. If your coil is dirty, debris and water will fall into your drain pan, possibly leading to a clog.

How to Repair a Cracked Air Conditioner Drain Pan

The other possible cause of a leaking AC is a cracked drain pan, which is also simple to check. Using a flashlight, check your drain pan for any holes, cracks or other leaks. Your drain pan is situated beneath the evaporator coil. Even though tiny cracks may be fixed with epoxy glue, serious cracks need a full replacement. With a central AC system, you may notice a drain pan on your indoor unit that drains liquids to an exterior drain line. The drain pans and lines ensure that the dripping condensate from the coil and indoor air handler can well be drained to the exterior. If clogged, water would build up in the drain pan and cause damage in the home.

To seal these cracks, first, switch off power to your air conditioning unit at the breaker box. Remove the drain pan then suck out all the water using a wet-dry vacuum, and finish with a thorough clean. After the drain pan is dry completely, you may utilize your water-based sealant to fix the cause of the leak.

How to Keep the Air Conditioning Condensate Drain Line Clear And Clean

The common cause of AC leaks includes clogged air conditioning drain lines. The common cause of drain line clogs is algae and mold buildup. Luckily, it takes more time for clogs to develop and can easily be prevented by pouring vinegar in the line at intervals of three months. Because numerous indoor air handlers are installed in a hot attic, homeowners opt to undertake this maintenance practice in the early morning or late evening.

The pipe in the basement or attic that leads away from drain pans often includes a “T” with a threaded plug, which is easy to open. The best technique of destroying algae growth is with a dose of white vinegar.

Find Your Indoor Condensate Drain Line

Locate the drain line that leads away from the drain pan. Pour 6 ounces of vinegar down the drain after unscrewing the pipe cap towards the end of the “T.” Vinegar kills algae and mold but does not risk any corrosion or damage to your drain lines.

How to Clean Clogged Condensate Drain Lines

Try pouring white vinegar down your clogged condensate drain line as explained above. Wait for at least a day to see if the clog is removed. If the clog still exists, you would have to contact a professional to unclog it.


How Often Should One Change Their Air Conditioning Filters

To make sure your AC System runs at its best and you receive quality air, it is essential to maintain and clean your filters regularly. Airflow is reduced by up to 50% due to dirty or clogged filters that prevent and reduce efficiency.

Air Conditioning FiltersHow Frequently Should You Change Your AC Filter

Experts recommend that you change your air conditioning filter at minimum intervals of three months; however, the rate would be higher for homes in a dusty or arid environment.  Professional AC contractors additionally recommend that you check your filter on a monthly basis. If the whole filter is dark gray or has a saturated look, then it is time for a replacement.

Reasons for an Air Conditioning Filter

Even though your AC filter may eliminate allergens from the air and boost the quality of air in your home, many homeowners do not know that the primary reason for the filter is for the proper working of the system.  A clogged air conditioning filter would significantly reduce airflow, increasing the amount of time required by your system to run, putting significant stress on the AC’s internal components.  The air conditioner filter’s primary role is to prevent dust and other contaminants from accumulating on the evaporator coil or other components that reduce the rate of heat exchange.

There Are A Few Simple Steps to Cleaning Your Filter

For a split system: just pull out the filter in a careful manner, and take care not to damage the vent behind. Then clean the filter in tub or sink using some dishwashing liquid and a soft brush to remove any dust, dirt, and debris. It is ideal to let the filters dry off naturally. After the filter is dry, it is recommended that you go over it with a dust buster or a vacuum cleaner hose to get rid of any remaining dirt. As soon as the filter is cleaned and dry, you may snap it back into the unit.

For a ducted system: unscrew and remove the retaining nut. The frame would hinge downward to expose the filter. Slide down the filter from the frame. The perfect technique is to hose the filter until all the dust is all off. Then you may hose from the opposite direction. Get rid of any excess water and leave it to dry naturally. After it is completely dry, replace the filter to the grill frame, then the frame and screw grill.

Occasionally replacing your AC filter will assist in keeping your system running efficiently, and prevent the buildup of dust, mold and other allergens that would demand frequent cleaning of the air conditioning ducts, bringing about unnecessary expenditure.

The Central AC Filter Is As Important As How Often You Change It.

Emphasis has been put on the importance of using good air conditioning filters.  The inexpensive kind that you may stick your finger through with minimum effort, and see through when you hold it up to light is no good. Buy a high-quality baffled filter, and in case any of your family members have asthma or allergy issues, then invest in better AC filters as well as a UV purifier.

A DIY Guide to Cleaning Air Conditioning Ducts

There are numerous reasons for cleaning air ducts in your home. When these ducts are clean, your heating system will last longer, you would dust less often, and the air breathed in is cleaner. Here is a DIY guide to cleaning air conditioning ducts to experience these and many more benefits.

Cleaning Air Conditioning Ducts

  • Cover supply registers

Begin by covering your air supply registers with paper towels. Doing this keeps the dislodged debris and dust from spreading in the room during the process. Just lift the register and wrap a paper towel around it, and replace it.

  • Turn on fan

You need the fan to run as you clean to move the dust that you would loosen by brushing and banging. Configure the thermostat to “fan on,” and the “heat/cool” mode off so that the fan runs independently. If you do not have the fan-only option, you may run the heat, or take this opportunity to install a new thermostat that has this helpful option.

  • Check filter

Ensure your old furnace filter is intact so that loose dust does not end up being drawn into the fan motor.

  • Loosen dust in ducts

Loosen any dust buildup in the ductwork. Just take the handle of your brush and start tapping on any accessible ductwork in the basement. This would help break up any dampened dust deposits that may have stuck on the interior of the duct.

  • Clean supply registers

Start sweeping out the dust from your supply registers. With the end of the hose near the register and the vacuum running, lift the register. Use the hose to trap any dust pushed out by the fan, and sweep as into the register’s piping where your hose can reach. With your brush, scuff any built up dust in the register.

  • Clean the return air register

Brush off the return air registers. They are often secured with screws and nuts, and would need appropriate tools to unscrew them. Brush and sweep as far back into cavity or register piping as you can.

  • Shut off furnace and fan

Shut off the fan at the thermostat and unplug power to the furnace from the breaker panel or service switch. Do not simply shut off the thermostat, as that does not turn off power to the unit.

  • Cleaning out the return air boot and blower compartment

First, switch the power off and proceed to removing the panels on the anterior of the furnace and locate the return air boot and blower compartment. With your vacuum, sweep up the dust build up on the blower compartment as well as return air boot. You may as well clean the furnace.

  • Replace furnace filter

Purchasing a better filter would surely cut down on the dust in your space. However, the better the filter, the more frequent it would need changing; a dirty filter restricts airflow to the fan, resulting in the blower motor reducing its lifespan.

Advice on heating system Repair

When our North Texas conditions drop to uncomfortable ranges, this is often the worst time for you to realize that you need ac repair. It’s important to note that central heating system repairs vary with every form of heating system. This is also true of today’s hi-tech home heating system designs. Most typical home heating systems consist of:

Central heating boilers




Electric powered

Your central heating system repairs could be something basic, but they should never be ignored, even if you do not believe they are serious. The type and level of repair also is dependent upon which sort and age your system. The dimensions of the home heating system along with its productivity volume affect how often service as well as repairs may be needed. HVAC ducts isnt always clear or easy.

Figuring out the issue using a Heating System

Generally the first idea the central heating system is malfunctioning is loss of warmth. This could happen without warning. Or, it could occur over time, because of reducing performance of operation. No matter what signals you find which you may need home heating repair, looking and hoping that you do not have an issue fails to make it so. Your concern might appear as a sudden chillier inside temperatures however, your fan is still blowing air. This could imply that you have a heating element issue however your blower is still functioning. Sometimes a clogged air filtration system could possibly be the reason behind the decline in warmth output. With this large quantity of pollen and other airborne contaminants, changing your filter systems once monthly is very recommended. Prior to deciding to demand heating system repair, verify the fitness of your systems unit’s filter. In ducted methods, a classic or dirty filter can impact all round operation and efficiency of heating systems. These need to be if you have the reusable kind of filter, they should be cleaned usually and if you have disposable filtration systems, never be “penny wise and pound foolish,” replace them at the start of each month.

When the heating system breaks down totally, it may be a consequence of an inoperable fan or blower, or even in fuel furnaces, a malfunctioning pilot light or electrical ignition concern. These problems need a educated heating repair professional to check on, examination, and fix your system. Knowing that you have a difficulty is not challenging, specially when the temperatures in Northern Texas are totally cool. Finding the concern and having your home comfortable again, that is certainly another matter.

Heating Restoration in More mature Systems and Devices

Like every other mechanised equipment, as central heating systems age, operating parts experience wear. Home heating systems also provide different levels of effectiveness scores to meet the desire and the dimensions of the region to get heated up. Heating system maintenance in gas furnaces for instance, most often occur having an old or damaged fan or blower electric motor. The furnace compressor also has a tendency to break down as time passes and needs home heating repair because it ages.

Maintenance is vital to Avoiding Home heating Repairs

As with any kind of mechanical devices which is in typical use, upkeep is the key to staying away from home heating repairs. The home heating system needs to be checked out and taken care of at the outset of each home heating season. This will help to protect the system from early wear and can usually avoid the need for ac repair.

Hope this helps. If you’re looking for the best heating system service Plano TX can offer, call 972-625-1400 now!

Helpful tips for Stretching the Time expectancy between Home Service

An expertly educated ac repair service company performs itself in much the same manner your medical professional does when he or she is undertaking your planned wellness check-ups. Your medical doctor is looking for health-related symptoms, and each test was created to find out how your system responds. Something as simple as checking your pulse and breathing even if you feel strong and active are important to your current health. Home heating systems may not be as intricate as the body, nonetheless, they do respond to exams a lot in the same manner simply because just like the body, they might require upkeep to ensure they are operating efficiently. A professional HVAC service provider treats the individual phases of your home home heating system with specialist care, focusing on prospective trouble spots to ensure that costly breakdowns may be averted.

The very first benefits associated with your tune-up are simple to figure out. The equipment is evaluated for wear and tear and basic ageing effects. If issues are found, that component or parts are noted and marked as being a possible system troublemaker. The customer is informed of all of these deteriorating elements, at which point choices are made. There’s the option to carry on and keep the system going as it is. So long as the equipment is working inside of recognized parameters and not adding charges to the homeowner’s electricity bills, the used components can remain in position till the following tune-up. A licensed and qualified home heating repair support specialist will discuss these alternatives, nevertheless the best move is always to remove a defective or worn element as soon as it’s found. Not just is this the safest choice, continual substitutes of used elements as they are identified is the best plan for extending the lifespan of the heating system.

We’ve talked in abstract terminology thus far, so this is the ideal minute to include substance to the discussion. Heating furnaces specifically take advantage of a heating repair service when the procedure is conducted according to a scheduled program. This is actually the most secure and the most efficient way to ensure that the machine operates as it ought to, when it ought to, each and every season that it is needed. Regular in season inspections can uncover problems like airflow obstructions that can lead to subjecting the household to lethal increases of deadly carbon monoxide. In addition, a regular upkeep plan guarantees the ductwork and filter systems that funnel the warmth in to the areas of your own home are shown special focus when we begin a service. Furnaces and heating sources are critically important stages, but a passionate heating system repair service knows the dirt and allergens that may build-up in your home. Normal ac repair service assessments will make sure that you have great air flow in your home, when you really need it.

Some Great Things About Air Sealing Your House

Are you asking yourself why your monthly energy bill is very high and think you may need to visit the pros for the best heating and air Plano TX has to offer for repairs? Are you searching for approaches to boost the longevity of your central heating system? In that case, air sealing might be a excellent answer to suit your needs, or you can go and search for the “best ac repair near me”.


Many people have been able to put significantly less wear and tear on the central heating system by air sealing their homes. Air sealing is a terrific way to make your house much more energy-efficient whilst conserving your central heating system. This blog will help you know what air sealing is and exactly how it will help you.


Air Loss


Air flow seepage happens when little cracks or holes in your home windows or doors enable exterior air to enter into your home. Additionally, it enables inside air to escape to the exterior. This may cause numerous difficulties.


Air leakage can intensify the air quality in your house. Additionally, it may cause humidity to build up . This could permit various contaminants to infiltrate your property and cause medical issues.


One more consequence of air loss is it makes your central heating work harder. Since the warmed air doesn’t stay inside, your heating unit has to try to maintain your desired heat.


What Exactly Is Air flow Sealing?


Air sealing was created to keep the conditioned air in, as well as the outdoors air out. There are many ways to accomplish this.

Weather strips and caulking would be the main techniques to achieve this. The positive aspect of it is actually that both these strategies are extremely easy to use.


Quality Of Air


If you suffer from allergic reactions, air sealing is a sure way to ease your signs. Not only does it maintain the outside air from getting into your house, it also blocks the allergens the air would typically bring in. This can come in handy in the course of allergy season!




Air sealing your house will even reduce moisture contamination which is good for HVAC If there are locations in your house that have plenty of moisture, this can harm hardwood floors and then any other materials which can be vunerable to excess moisture.


Additionally, excess humidity may also have an effect on the health of the occupants of your house. Air sealing eliminates extra moisture which can help guard your property and family members.


Easy and Cost-effective


One of many benefits associated with air sealing is based on its convenience. This process can be done quickly and then for an extremely affordable price. This ease makes air sealing a no-brainer.


If your monthly energy bill is just too much and you are looking for a fairly easy answer, you should consider air sealing. This process is an extremely practical method to protect your central heating unit.

Heater and Cooling Service for The Winter Months

Now that winter has arrived, it is a chance to get in touch with your heating and air conditioning repair Plano TX professional technicians to make sure that your heater is ready for wintertime. Just a little of prep will assure that when you flick on the switch, your own home can become hot and comfy.


Replace filtration system


When was the very last time you changed your filtration system? Filters might need to be changed every 1-three months, so starting the season using a refreshing filter is perfect.


Clear Vents


Across the summer, you might have relocated or included new pieces of furniture, unintentionally obstructing air flow from vents. Check out all air vents to make sure that there is certainly nothing at all obstructing air and possibly overheating your furnace. Additionally, this can save you energy while keeping your property cozy.


Thoroughly clean your furnace


Calling your local Ventilation specialist to get your furnace cleaned out is the easiest way to make sure your heater will function safely and properly through the entire wintertime. The more mature the furnace, the more significant it is to get it cleansed.




It is now time to change your thermostat from cool to heat. Just altering the temp to 68F will not be ample. Typically, there are times in the fall when the temps warm-up and so are beyond what your thermostat is set.

This can be an energy waster if windows are open.


If you feel your energy bills are too high, in addition, this is a good time to check to see that your thermostat is functioning properly. More aged or broken thermostats could possibly be malfunctioning and present a false reading. Calling your heating and cooling services expert would be a smart way to actually have an accurate reading. They will likely troubleshoot this problem as well as perhaps move the outdated thermostat with a new one. You may even want to consider an energy-saving automated thermostat. This will assist you save money by programming heat only while you are home.




Unplug your ac unit. By doing this, you will not have any surprises in the spring, once the weather is hotter and the AC unintentionally turns on. Unplugging handles this feasible mistake.


Oil your furnace blower


Call for service if you are hearing any noises when your furnace is turned on. Your heating and air conditioning professional can look at the working aspects of your system to make certain everything is functioning properly. They are able to oil the furnace blower to make certain this really is working properly and not making any unusual sounds.


Seeing that fall is officially here, it is actually time for you to call your heating system service Plano TX service to check your furnace and be prepared for the winter months.

Central heating system and Air Conditioning Units Product

A central heating Plano TX is important for residential households, nevertheless lots of homes will not effectively sustain their units. The majority of people dread running into complications with their air conditioning and heating systems, which are often expensive and produce irritation. At present there are actually power efficient systems that really help preserve people money and time. Proper services and proper care of these systems may help ensure that the systems operate and give you the expected coziness and price savings.

Most areas have providers for heating and air Plano TX that can routinely study units to ensure all things are in working order. Though these services commonly come with a price, over the long haul they help to help maintain the unit and decrease the chances of the necessity for costly fixing or maybe even entire replacing of the unit. Several contractors will assure filter systems are persistently clean and switched when needed. It will help provide thoroughly clean air flow all through the house and even diminish electricity bills.

HVAC unit providers can clear out central air ventilation systems and provide clean and more efficient air circulation through the household. Many homeowners who hesitate on making use of these cleaning solutions are amazed after they learn how mucky the ventilation systems can be. This is the service that ought not to be overlooked.

A service company can even take a look at a heating and air conditioning system for leaks in the system. Occasionally leakages can prevent the maximum amount of air flow from simply being spread in the household. These leakages can often be difficult to recognize and call for a comprehensive study of the ventilation system. A correct review can really help figure out and repair any leaks with the system.

The right upkeep of a heating and air conditioning system will assist spare property owners and renters money in the long run and keep the unit running for your likely stretch of time. Upkeep can also help homeowners stay clear of health problems connected with inefficient filtering of dust and blockages in the surroundings. A heating and air conditioning service could actually help make certain continuous relaxation in the house for your household.