How Often Should One Change Their Air Conditioning Filters

To make sure your AC System runs at its best and you receive quality air, it is essential to maintain and clean your filters regularly. Airflow is reduced by up to 50% due to dirty or clogged filters that prevent and reduce efficiency.

Air Conditioning FiltersHow Frequently Should You Change Your AC Filter

Experts recommend that you change your air conditioning filter at minimum intervals of three months; however, the rate would be higher for homes in a dusty or arid environment.  Professional AC contractors additionally recommend that you check your filter on a monthly basis. If the whole filter is dark gray or has a saturated look, then it is time for a replacement.

Reasons for an Air Conditioning Filter

Even though your AC filter may eliminate allergens from the air and boost the quality of air in your home, many homeowners do not know that the primary reason for the filter is for the proper working of the system.  A clogged air conditioning filter would significantly reduce airflow, increasing the amount of time required by your system to run, putting significant stress on the AC’s internal components.  The air conditioner filter’s primary role is to prevent dust and other contaminants from accumulating on the evaporator coil or other components that reduce the rate of heat exchange.

There Are A Few Simple Steps to Cleaning Your Filter

For a split system: just pull out the filter in a careful manner, and take care not to damage the vent behind. Then clean the filter in tub or sink using some dishwashing liquid and a soft brush to remove any dust, dirt, and debris. It is ideal to let the filters dry off naturally. After the filter is dry, it is recommended that you go over it with a dust buster or a vacuum cleaner hose to get rid of any remaining dirt. As soon as the filter is cleaned and dry, you may snap it back into the unit.

For a ducted system: unscrew and remove the retaining nut. The frame would hinge downward to expose the filter. Slide down the filter from the frame. The perfect technique is to hose the filter until all the dust is all off. Then you may hose from the opposite direction. Get rid of any excess water and leave it to dry naturally. After it is completely dry, replace the filter to the grill frame, then the frame and screw grill.

Occasionally replacing your AC filter will assist in keeping your system running efficiently, and prevent the buildup of dust, mold and other allergens that would demand frequent cleaning of the air conditioning ducts, bringing about unnecessary expenditure.

The Central AC Filter Is As Important As How Often You Change It.

Emphasis has been put on the importance of using good air conditioning filters.  The inexpensive kind that you may stick your finger through with minimum effort, and see through when you hold it up to light is no good. Buy a high-quality baffled filter, and in case any of your family members have asthma or allergy issues, then invest in better AC filters as well as a UV purifier.